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Mainprize Water Website

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About the Mainprize Water Website

A good website gives companies around the world, the chance to reach out to their customers in new and interesting ways. Potential clients can go through the site's text and images on their computers at work or their laptops at home. Nowadays, a mobile-ready site will also allow people to learn more about the company on their tablets and mobile phones. With all these benefits, it is important for firms to get the design and language of the site right. A poorly constructed site may end up as a liability while a well-constructed one will definitely be an important asset.

The best websites make sure to emphasise and highlight the strengths of the company. In addition to that, the site should make the firm real and relevant in the mind of the visitor. One example of such a site is the one for the Mainprize Water Company. This is a firm, which services clients in Auckland, the Bay of Plenty, the Waikato and surrounding areas. Mainprize lends its expertise in the area of farm and orchard drainage. It is a prominent company in this industry, and it has built up a wealth of experience since it was founded in 1980.

Mainprize helps its clients to benefit from drainage systems, which maximise farm yields, allow fertiliser to be more efficient and which result in better pasture and crop use. The website developers made sure to highlight these through the use of eye-catching numerical typography. As far as the aesthetic of the site is concerned, the colour scheme, which was used draws its inspiration from the logo of the Mainprize Company. This results in a coherent and cohesive look and ties everything together. The use of these colours also helps with respect to strengthening the branding and logo awareness of the company.

Visitors to the site from New Zealand and elsewhere are also able to easily find out how to get in touch with Mainprize. There is a contact form, which facilitates email communication. Other contact details such as the company's physical address, its telephone numbers and email address are also easy to find. Another key thing that the website designers did was to make the site more personal, by highlighting the firm's prominent consultant, Mr. Robin Mainprize himself. There is a photo of him in the about section, and his long history of experience and expertise in the field is noted.

This discussion of Mr. Mainprize is important because it allows website visitors to feel more of a personal understanding of the key figure behind the company. They can see that they could be working with and learning from an expert, which helps to further establish the credibility and brand reputation of the firm.

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