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Waihaha Bay

A serene location in New Zealand.

Waihaha Bay

Many tourists often take their time to research various tourist destinations from around the world and locally in a bid to make an informed vacationing decision. The internet is the most useful resource when it comes to this. Tourism service providers should take this opportunity to offer online platforms meant to attract tourists and give them an easy way of making bookings. This is exactly what the Waihaha Bay website is designed to accomplish. Waihaha Bay is a serene location in New Zealand offering local Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch and international tourists the opportunity to relax and connect with nature in the most serene environment.

Their website is primarily designed to inform internet users of their existence, what they offer and most importantly make booking easier using their online booking portal.

Web Design

When designing websites for businesses, it is vital to optimise every detail in a way to make it easy and convenient for users to understand what you do. This calls for relevant images and short but direct sets of text. The Waihaha Bay website captures these important aspects of web design perfectly. Within seconds of getting to the landing page, you will be able to understand exactly what business they serve. The clear and sizeable image of Waihaha Bay greets visitors. There is also a short and candid description of the business as well as a reservations booking form.

Website Features

All features are clearly visible and active for visitors to utilise in interacting with the site. Business websites are designed to appeal to holidays seekers; it features a simple and affordable design. The live reservations form is a great way to help visitors make a booking before leaving. It is centrally placed so that visitors can find it easily and make reservations faster.


This is one of the most important features of a website, if not the most important. Every link represents useful information that the website needs to convey to visitors. As such they need to maintain visibility and functionality at all times. Our website developers created links on the site to be conveniently located at the top and bottom of the landing page and all others within.

Visitors can also find the contact information for Waihaha Bay listed on the website for further information. This is a great resource is essential in providing customer support services whenever necessary.

We have been developing some of the best websites around NZ today. Our cheap websites are highly functional and responsive as demonstrated by the Waihaha By website. Our interactive CMS system allows web administrators have an easy time updating content. This is important in keeping the site up to date and relevant.

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