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Top Gear Motors Ltd

A non-chemical solution to remove iron from farm water supplies.

Top Gear Motors Ltd

Operating in the auto industry can be quite demanding given that people only trust recognised names when it comes to handling auto repairs. An established business will have an appealing shop front, experienced personnel and most importantly, be transparent. Top Gear Motors Ltd offers auto repair services in New Zealand and to be more specific Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch areas. Appreciating the need for utmost exposure when it comes to online marketing, the proprietors came to us for the best web design services. We were able to get a great understanding of their services and business creating a highly functional website to their satisfaction.

Best Appearance

The landing page is designed to capture the attention of visitors with the bold heading displaying the name of the site. The colour combination used provides a great contrast between the background and the text displayed. Getting the visitor to see exactly what the site is all about in the least time possible, and here we are talking about seconds, is essential in keeping them interested before they move on. The appearance of the landing page, as well as other pages in the site, is characterised by large colourful images on the shop front and interior workspace of the auto garage.

Website Resources

Business websites come with various resources and tools for users to use when exploring the content and the business. In the case of Top Gear Motors Ltd, these resources need to be reflective of their business services offering. The website has internal navigation links clearly positioned at the top and bottom of the pages for the best visibility. The links are functional to ensure that users can easily find what they want and in the least time possible. Since the business relates to auto repair, it is important to ensure that potential customers can contact the business. The site also has strategically positioned contact us tabs for convenience and visibility purposes.

As previously stated, trust is always a big issue when it comes to auto repairs. Having the support of recognised brands is a great way to let customers know that you are trustworthy. This is also another important factor captured in the design of this affordable website. Recognised brands that support the business have their brands conveniently displayed on the web pages clearly for maximum effect.

The internet is an important marketing tool, and whatever business you are in, it is helpful to have a way of reaching out to the extensive online market. Cheap websites from qualified designers will enable your business seize this opportunity.

Our website developers are qualified to create functional and high-quality websites for businesses. Our website offers a comprehensive portfolio for your perusal.

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