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Top-of-the-line recording studio facility in Hamilton.

The Porch

The Porch offers a top-of-the-line recording studio facility, which can be availed of by residents of Hamilton, NZ. It provides everything that is needed in order to create great sounds and music. With the help of the professional team in the studio, clients can be helped in writing, composing, producing, arranging, engineering, recording, and enhancing sound to create the best quality of music.

The Landing Pages

Just one look at the landing page, it is already easy to tell what the website is all about. The selection of pictures indicates not just the type of services being offered, but also the art behind it. The name of the studio is being presented in a very visible way, and the fact that the contact information is also indicated right on top makes it very convenient for site visitors to think about what they want to do.

With the About Us portion rightly placed before anything else, the nature of the website, as well as the services being offered is being presented in a very straightforward way. Even just by looking at this portion, any site visitor would be able to tell whether or not he or she will want to take advantage of such services. It also comes with a video, which provides a glimpse of what they can also expect if they decide to avail of the services.

The pricing options are also arranged in a cool way. With just a mouse over, the selected option moves, as if inviting for a click. By clicking on one of the options, the user will be directed to a page, which provides further detail on the package and the pricing. At the bottom part, the page also highlights previous recordings done, and projects completed. Since the names that are included in the list are pretty much known in New Zealand, it makes the services very appealing as well.

One good feature about this website is that aside from the fact that the contact detail (phone number) was already placed on top of the page, the contact details (this time with other information) is also presented. In this way, there is no need for the customer to scroll up again to see how they can contact the team behind the company. Also, there is a widget for Social Media (Facebook) which provides a feed on what is being posted at the Facebook page. In this way, it is very easier to follow it on social media.

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