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Marketing Portfolio - The Art Sale

The Art Sale - Company based in Hamilton that manages Events and Exhibitions.

The Art Sale

The company behind the Art Sale, ForumPoint2 is based in Hamilton. It is known for managing events such as exhibitions, conferences and others all throughout New Zealand. It is being assisted by the professionals in the art community in curating, collecting and exhibiting art. Artists who are interested in taking advantage of the services they provide simply visit their website. The Art Sale is a specific event, which is set to happen on September 18-20, 2015 at the Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton. The website also provides information on previous events as well.

The Landing Pages

Just a look at the website, you can readily tell that it is very simple. The background colour is just white and plain. However, the still picture that can be seen on the home page gives a clue as to what the website is all about. It presents sample of the art collections which will also be shown in the said event. Rather than having a long landing page where the visitor can scroll up and down a lengthy page, this page has a standard home page. However, there is a menu on top of the page where the visitors can just click on an option and will be directed to a different page.

The lower portion of the page also provides further information explaining certain details about the specific event. They can also be clicked right on, and the user will be directed to the full page upon clicking 'read more'. The bottom part of the page also shows a video explaining everything about the event. This serves as a summary of what is being presented in the page. Even though the site is presented in a simple way, it catches the attention right away. The choice of background colour, font, and pictures posted, as well as the use of text and the content are very effective.

Website Marketing

If you also need a website that can promote your event, or business, hiring the assistance of website developers within New Zealand will make sure that you reach your goals of reaching your target market. These days, business websites are a staple for any business who wants to succeed. While traditional forms of advertising may work, or, in the case of the Art Sale, other forms of promotion may work, being visible online is still important since more and more people are turning to the internet for all their needs. Cheap websites may not necessarily equate to poor quality output. As long as you have reliable website designers by your side, you can expect that you have affordable, effective, and high quality website. This will certainly allow you to be efficient as a business.

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