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Marketing Portfolio - Soda Space

Soda Space offers a facility where people of the same minds meet

Soda Space

A website that provides information regarding typically serious stuff can reach the hearts of more potential customers and clients if it is presented in a way that is cool, lively and informative. It does not have to be overly stiff, wordy or plain. By using the right layout, colours and design, it can turn a serious message into a light but very informative one. Such is the case with SodaSpace

About the Business

SodaSpace offers a one of a kind facility in New Zealand where people of the same minds meet. It serves as a rendezvous for entrepreneurs where they can possible connect, collaborate and create. Overall, the business is targeting professionals as well as those who want to have been inside a facility where they can possible associate with others who can help them in potentially improving in their career.

Website Features

Looking at the website, it can be said that it looks really professional. Scrolling the landing pages from top to bottom will allow you to see the business as a whole. The top portion of the page presents the name of the company, in a way that is both hip and memorable. The choice of colours depicts the modernity of the website and the business as well.

What you can notice is that if the screen is maximised, the options for the menu are presented in a way that would allow the visitor to just click on an option and it will automatically guide them to that specific part of the landing page where they can look for the information about the option chosen.

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