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Probase Website

A company that provides engineering and trades solutions.

Probase Website

Probase is an engineering company which is considered home of trade professionals who are equipped with the skills for any residential, light commercial, and sub-divisional engineering requirements. It is the company’s vision to become the best engineering firm in the areas around Auckland and Hamilton. The company works by providing both practical and economical options regarding design with the highest quality as well as efficiency in providing assistance to clients, and leading them to success.

The company values are providing economical, practical, as well as sustainable website design while making sure that they are maintaining a good, and a long term working relationship with their clients. The company uses innovation in using technology for both the company and the clients’ advantage. Because of these values, the company, as a whole is very accessible and easy to have a business with. With the company’s expertise in online marketing, they can definitely provide the assurance that with their experience and knowledge, they can identify as well as investigate all potential design options.

Among the services being offered by the professionals in Christchurch, NZ are soil investigations, storm water management, wastewater design, structural design, subdivisional design, stiffened raft foundations, pile foundation design, and wall retention.

Website Functionalities

For a first timer who takes the time to visit the website of Probase, it is easy to conclude that the design makes it easy for navigation. With the ‘Trades’ and ‘Contact’ links set even though the other parts of the page are moving, customers can have a peek on the available services, as well as the access to contacting the team behind the company quite easily. At the same time, at the right-hand portion of the page, the contact number of the company is also presented in a way that it is very visible, thus encouraging visitors to call their site in New Zealand.

This output was achieved because the company hired the assistance of a Website Design Hamilton company. This service provider provides assistance to potential customers in the Rotorua and Wellington area. The website of the company is clear enough in transmitting the message to their customers that they have the capability in providing both cost effective and innovative solutions for all types of concrete and engineering needs. At the same time, the contact us portion of the website is also quite appealing; starting from its design, colour selection, and even down to the fonts being used. It does not stray away from the theme of the rest of the webpage, making it harmonious all throughout. This creative way of organising a website is what makes the online marketing strategy used by Probase very effective in reaching its potential customers.

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