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Kiwiplay Landing Page

They bring you quality play equipment that will last for years.

Kiwiplay Landing Page

Kiwiplay is the top supplier of quality cedar swing kit sets in New Zealand. They are based in Hamilton and strive to provide top class play sets for the backyard. The sets are easy to install and come with all the parts needed to get them up and running. The landing page has been web designed to appeal to its customers and at the same time provide relevant information that will make consumers click through the page.

The first thing that consumers see when they arrive at the landing is the pitch about fun and affordable playgrounds for backyards. It is an effective online marketing strategy because it immediately engages the visitor right away. It tells consumers about what it has to offer in a direct manner. Those who are interested with the product will click to see the playgrounds they have to offer.

Our web design Hamilton firm utilised images the right way. They provide a good break from the blocks of texts on the page. They make the page more appealing and show the product they have to offer in Hamilton and surrounding areas, such as Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wellington, and Christchurch. The use of high-quality photos adds to the visual appeal of the page. Consumers can clearly see how the products look like.

The landing page design also used the right amount of white space that made the page more pleasing to the eyes. The layout is uncluttered, and visitors can easily absorb what the company wants to say.

The colours used in the landing page are consistent with that of the main website of the company. The design uses yellow, red and green that blend well with the white background. The colours don’t distract the visitors from the text.

The font size is just right. It doesn’t strain the eyes of the readers. It allows them to scan through the page and learn about the playgrounds the NZ business has to offer. The copy is concise and direct to the point. It is compelling enough to make visitors click through the landing page.

And when it comes to contact information, the landing page clearly shows it through an overlay at the top. It also has a link to the homepage of the website. And when you reach the bottom of the page, it has a clear call to action that directs the visitor to call the company today. The call to action is one of the most important elements of a landing page.

The landing page design plays an important role in the online marketing campaign of the company. It generates leads and at the same time provides a good way to welcome visitors to the site.

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