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Iron Out Landing Page

A non-chemical solution to remove iron from farm water supplies.

Iron Out Landing Page

This website is for a company that offers low maintenance, as well as a non-chemical solution that can effectively remove iron from farm water supply. The system is particularly designed and has been proven to deal even with the highest concentrations of iron levels in areas that considered problematic all over New Zealand. What the company promises is that they will be able to provide continuous and automatic processing of water all throughout the year 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About the Company

Iron Out is a company that is equipped with the right tools and equipment that can be used for delivering flow rates ranging from 12,000 to 200,000 litres every day while adapting to the ever-changing amount of iron loads of up to 50ppm. The system introduced was developed and manufactured in NZ, and it can automatically backwash, eliminating the need to pay on constant maintenance that other types of filtration strategies use. This option is often considered as the most cost efficient and sustainable option which can significantly reduce iron levels in your water supply, and at the same time removing the possible long-term costs brought about by rust damage, as well as other costs related to compliance.

Website Efficiency

One element of a good website design is its capability to attract the attention of the user, most especially when talking about the images used. Since the website provides solutions to reducing iron levels in water supply, the image used at the centre of the page certainly attracts attention. The logo, which states about the 6-month money back guarantee is also strategically placed, since this is among the most important and primary questions typically asked by potential customers. At the same time, a portion for soliciting information is clearly presented in a manner that is self-guiding. It is user-friendly and self-stating.

The design and features of this website are only made possible as part of the company’s marketing strategy. As a result, potential customers that are located in areas such as Hamilton and Auckland, as well as other cities, can benefit from the services offered by Website Design Hamilton. These days, online marketing has been considered as a very effective tool in reaching out to potential customers in a particular area. With this strategy, Iron Out has been effective in providing valuable information to currently existing clients, as well as marketing to new and potential ones.

As a result, Iron Out has singled itself as a competition to beat. With its effortlessly simple, yet powerful website design, they are unquestionably capable of educating their customers, and at the same time maximising the potential of encouraging their customers to avail of their services.

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