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Insurance Hub

Insurance Hub helps enhance consumers understanding of the Irish insurance industry.

Insurance Hub Website

Insurance Hub has been created to provide consumers from Ireland a space where they can learn and share information on insurance in the country. The mission of the website is to improve the understanding of consumers when it comes to the insurance industry. It also wants to foster better relationships between the consumers and the insurance companies.

Upon entering the website, visitors will notice the colourful elements of the page. It utilised vibrant images set on a white background that’s appealing to the eyes. It has kept scrolling to a minimum and uses short and clear wordings in its navigation menu links that allow visitors to know where to go next, such as Reviews, Understanding Insurance, News, Contact US and the About Us page.

Navigating through the Insurance Hub website is easy. The top navigation menu is consistent and found in all pages of the website. With a simple top menu, visitors can go to various parts of the site. The menu doesn’t overwhelm the visitors and allows them to go from one page to another in a snap.

The use of color is perfect for the online marketing campaign of the website. It entices the visitor to stay and click on the icons to find out more about the different insurance companies in Ireland. They don’t overwhelm the senses of the visitors at all. The style compliments the logo that truly represents what a hub should be. The theme is consistent all throughout the website.

White space is one of the key elements of website design. It dictates the flow and readability of the website. Spaces between texts on the page provide a good break from the block of text on the page. The images also have consistent spacing that provides uniformity on the website.

The font used in the website design is easy to read. The designer used professional web typefaces to ensure its readability. Headers are sized appropriately to give emphasis on them. Using a dark grey text on the white background is also a good choice to provide adequate contrast between the background and the content.

The images used on the website are unique and not just stock images that are found on the web. The images play a special role on the online marketing campaign of the website because people are drawn to them.

The About Us page is important for businesses and organisations. It tells the users who they are dealing with and what the website is about. This is nicely implemented in Insurance Hub. It tells the story of why the website was made and the brains behind it.

The website design Hamilton team has created an appealing site for an Irish client. It goes to show that the right skill and talent allow the company to provide its services not just to clients from Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wellington, and Christchurch, but even to clients across the globe.

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