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Hutchies Website Development

An Amazing Business Website Developed by Hamilton Professionals


Have you ever thought about what makes an amazing website? What catches your eye and what makes you want to purchase from the brand? F6, a New Zealand-based web development company, designs affordable websites for businesses around the world, and each website features a unique design that also captures the essence of its business owner. In a sense, F6 is able to design the best business websites for your dollar.

In the case of Hutchies Milking and Water System Specialists, F6 made sure to capture your attention and determine what you are looking for straight away. The first thing you see is two buttons: Our Products or Get Involved. This is straight to the point and lets you know what options are available upon arriving at the website. Visitors are able to gather the information they need without having to navigate a complex or confusing web design flow.

Like other websites designed by F6 Digital Media & Marketing (including their very own unique, beautiful and easy to navigate homepage!), Hutchies' site features high-resolution imagery that matches the brand's identity. The website maintains brand identity without allowing the company's voice to be lost to complicated web features. What do they do? Even to someone who is not in the industry, you'd have to try real hard not to figure out what this company does and what they represent. The website tells it all: immediately you see their four core values: Milking Machines, Water Systems, Effluent Systems, and Electrical Services.

Hutchies' new homepage shows professionalism with plenty of company background and content, but not an overwhelming or hard to read presentation of information. The website makes the company become alive with "real people" by offering staff photos and field work photos on the home page so that you are immediately introduced to the company culture and identity. Furthermore, it proves their experience and level of expertise by showing customer reviews without "showing off" or bragging. They let you determine for yourself that they are the best possible brand for your needs!

The sleek web design always reminds you of where you are by offering a hovering header, and it utilises simple and beautiful icons that make the experience much easier to navigate. The main focus is simplicity and beauty, to make water and milk systems seem appealing to any visitor. Regardless of your knowledge and expertise in water and milk systems, if you have any interest at all in this category then you will certainly find Hutchies' website informative, appealing, and attractive from a consumer standpoint. Together, F6 and Hutchies capture the needs of farmers, health gurus, and travellers. They target their audiences and allow room for the expansion into new audience realms as well.

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