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Effluent Pumping

They offer effluent management solutions to their clients.

Effluent Pumping Website

This website is a good example of how marketing promotes business. The promotion of a business through online means can certainly be taxing if you don't have the right professionals doing the job for you. Though there are many website designers in the business, not all of them will be capable of giving you exactly what you're looking for. With our services, however, you can see the professional skills at work through our online portfolio and see for yourself the quality of service we can provide in website design.

Effluent Pumping Services helps farmers to take care of their effluent ponds in order to help them comply with certain land regulations that are in place. For those customers and visitors that are interested in their services, the site has made it easy to find what they're looking for. There's no question where they are on the front page, given the large graphics, easy to read banners, and a large panoramic slideshow detailing the services they provide in short snippets. Controls on the slideshow make it easy for the viewer himself to have control over what he is seeing, in case he may have missed any information the first time.

Their page of services lists quite clearly what they can provide to customers, and any added assistance that may be needed in the provision of these services. Helpful links are even provided to those farmers who may not know what the Waikato Regional Plan Policies are, or want to learn about effluent management themselves.

The website provides information on TracMap and what it entails. Viewers can even sign up for an online TracMap service if they're interested in learning about previous pipework that has been made and created an accurate record of effluent placement.

Customers can get to know the inside and out of Effluent Pumping Services on their About Page. Names of each person involved in providing these services are listed, with a brief history of their position and their work experience in the field. In the footer of every page is even more information about the business itself, from their humble beginnings to the booming enterprise they are now. Contact information is also provided in both email and a phone number.

The contact page brings up a Google Map image of their location, for those who would be interested in driving down to their location. The phone numbers for each involved in the business is also provided, along with an online form that can be filled in for any questions or concern you may have about the services that they are providing.

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