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Cullen Engineering Website

A engineering company that deals with plant machinery, material equipment, architectural and structural steelwork.

Cullen Engineering Website

Cullen Engineering is a New Zealand Medium sized engineering firm dealing with plant machinery, material equipment handling as well as architectural and structural steelwork. The privately owned firm is famous for its high reputation, reliable service; impeccable customer care and ensuring that clients get superior build solutions and innovative designs. A website is a tool of business marketing and must be designed in a creative and unique matter to achieve this purpose.

The new Cullen Engineering website was revamped to adopt a new look that seeks to improve visitor traffic to the website. This site has been fully optimized with modern website design capabilities to give it a fresh new appearance. The site’s landing page is more attractive, and visitors can easily navigate and quickly find the information they are looking for. The theme used for the site is simple yet elegant and allows users the chance to quickly see the different sections of the website. Instead of having too many pages scattered all over the website, the user interface is simple with the number of pages substantially reduced to see to it that menu navigation is simple.

Website users don’t appreciate sites with too many pages; Cullen Engineering site only includes the most crucial information about the firm that website visitors will find useful. The contact information is clearly placed at the top right-hand corner of the website so that users interested to contact Cullen Engineering can quickly find the email and telephone contacts.

As a business, it is important to be brief and in a short and concise manner, summarize what the company does. Cullen Engineering site has a Meta slider on the landing page that highlights important company responsibilities and services. This is absolutely important because customers get fed up and leave a site if they’re unable to determine what a company is all about. Good website design practices have been applied in designing this website to ensure that it is not only user-friendly, but has high-quality content that satisfies the needs of visitors.

The choice of colours and layout of the theme suits Cullen Engineering considering the firm is categorized in the engineering sector. It’s worth mentioning that the choice of theme used must be a perfect match with the client’s industry. Cullen Engineering website design fully conforms to an engineering firm taking into account the background image used on the landing page.

The ‘Talk to us today’ button has been strategically placed and appears on each slide to prompt users in need of further clarification regarding the firm’s products and services to get in touch with the company. Menu arrangement has been taken into account beginning with the most vital information website visitors look for. In this case, products are the first menu button because guests coming to the website will most likely be more interested to know about the products than the about us page.

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