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Beat Bowel Cancer

A charity organitation teaching people about bowel cancer.

Beat Bowel Cancer Website

New Zealand charity organization Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa addresses the impact of bowel cancer and helps to build community awareness, support, education and research. This website was developed to act as a major communication platform and help to educate the community about the disease and how interested persons can support the charity.

This site aims to teach people about Beat Bowel Cancer symptoms, treatment, tests, patient stories and other useful information regarding the disease. There is also a donate button for sponsors who wish to make an impact by providing financial assistance.

The landing page has a Meta Slider that gives the website an elegant and eye-catching appearance. Anyone visiting the Beat Bowel Cancer site for the first time would want to spend time on the site by navigating to the rest of the website pages. When designing online platforms, we not only focus on the appearance of the site but also put a lot of effort in the attaining high levels of functionality.

Finding information on the Beat Bowel Cancer website is a simple task because menu buttons have been strategically placed at the top to ensure that users can easily find them. The menu buttons are clearly marked with some of them having a drop down list for sub pages. In line with tapping the benefits of online marketing and social media, this website has a series of social buttons; mailto, Facebook and Twitter buttons to enable visitors quickly visit the organization’s social media pages.

For any organization to succeed in spreading its message, it is essential to building an email list where interested persons can sign up for the newsletter. The Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa website has an email newsletter section placed in the footer section of the site. Internet users only get interested in attractive sites with elegant themes that allow uploading of high-quality images. The Beat Bowel Cancer has a modern theme that clearly displays full-sized images making the site appear more interactive and user-friendly. Both images and content have been creatively included to complement each other and ensure that none dominates the other. It is also possible to clearly read text on an image background.

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