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Barrett Homes Website

Barrett Homes is a quality construction company in Tauranga.

Barrett Homes Website

Barrett Homes, a construction company in New Zealand, offers a more convenient means of reaching their customers, giving them the opportunity to have an even better lifestyle with all the services that they offer. They have created a website that serves their mission, that is, not only to create a home, but also to come up with a very easy process which can result to an exciting and enjoyable experience as well.

Any first-time visitor would generally see that the landing page of the website is very pleasant to the eyes. Unlike the usual clutter that is seen in many commercial websites, the website design of Barrett Homes is one that can be said as simple yet elegant. Without reading the text yet, one can easily get the purpose of the site. The display of images provides a glimpse as to what the customer can expect, with each image given a description.

The overall navigation of the site is pretty easy to understand as well. The upper portion displays the contact information of the site, making it easy for customers to contact the company directly should they decide to avail of the services offered. At the same time, with its very own, drop down menu positioned right on above the images, customers are guided on where to go. The dropdown menu provides a list of the other pages where customers can explore and learn more about the company.

Ever since the company was founded in 2013, the online marketing strategy of this company in New Zealand has been effective most especially for individuals who are looking at building their own home in the Auckland, Rotorua, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch area. They also offer home and land packages which make it easier for their customers to decide on which options to choose.

All of this information is highlighted on the bottom part of the landing page, making it very visible to the customers as they scroll through the page. Customers are also given further information on the other services being offered aside from construction. The complete contact details are strategically placed on the bottom of the page, which means that customers can directly contact the company as soon as they have become attracted to the available options for them after they go through the entire page.

Barrett Homes has made a great choice in incorporating an effective website design for their business needs. An individual who is searching for a good construction company online would usually look at the company′s portfolio, and this is the point of the images displayed on the landing page. Everything else in the website has been thought of well, resulting to an organised presentation of all the important details that the company wants to pass on to their customers.

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