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Asset Finance Landing Page

Asset Finance provides accessible and affordable loans and finance.

Landing Page Design

Asset Finance is a group of professionals who are passionate about helping people to make their dreams come true across New Zealand. They have been providing finance services for more than thirty years. They provide their services in most of the country but mostly for people from Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and other parts of the country.

Asset Finance utilises the latest technology in their work, and this is reflected in their website and their landing page. They have a responsive site that looks good on both the desktop and mobile devices. The website design is polished, appealing and professionally done. It makes a good first impression to potential and existing clients.

The landing page is a good tool for Asset Finance’s online marketing strategy. It is a good reflection of the type of service that the business has to offer. It attracts visitors and at the same time keeps them in it to absorb the message they want to convey.

Asset Finance keeps it simple with a minimal design. It has an smart use of the colours creating an effect that makes the landing page look simple and clean but at the same time dynamic and friendly. In homepage also features an image of regular kiwi people, which is the target market for the business.

The message is direct to the point and can easily be read without straining the eyes of the readers. The white text on the back background provides the right contrast above the image to allow visitors to read the slogan of the company. And also the black text on white or light grey backgrounds allows the visitor to read the content without squinting. Our website design Hamilton team utilised the right size for the fonts in a way that everything is easily readable.

The landing page has the right content that consumers are looking for when they are searching for some finance in New Zealand. It is concise and direct to the point. It allows the visitors to make a smart decision and provides confidence to the company’s competence and expertise. They also don’t overwhelm the visitors with text. The content is broken down into small paragraphs that can be scanned by the visitors. They provide the right information to ensure that visitors get something out of the landing page.

The landing page is easy to navigate and understand. The design is appealing even with its simplistic approach. The content is well organised that visitors know what the company has to offer as they browse through the landing page. It utilises some JavaScript to provide all the information on a single page with nice effects.

One of the most important elements of business landing pages is the contact details. Visitors are welcomed with a top banner that has the phone number for the free consultation. Then when visitors scroll to the bottom, the same number is provided as well as a contact form. This allows potential clients from New Zealand to get in touch easily with the company.

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