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Digital Marketing For A Digital World

The Internet is the new domain of marketing. We help our clients grow their business online with top-of-the-line marketing services.

Generate new business, the digital way

It all starts with the lead, and the kind of experience you’re able to deliver as you move the lead along the sales funnel. Problem is, you end up with a lot less than you start with. And it’s not just a numbers game either – quality matters just as much. Generating 10 high-quality leads may be more valuable than 1,000 indifferent ones.

At F6, we realise leads are real people with real problems and needs. Instead of “how can we sell” we’ll help you ask “how can we solve.” That’s sincere, genuine, and it shows.

We won’t just devise and execute high-impact campaigns to generate more leads, we’ll consult you on how to fine-tune every stage of the leads’ journey, all the way down to conversion. If you’re struggling with a campaign, we’ll reengineer it. If you’re starting out, we’ll give you 360-degrees of service and support from Day 1.

Lead generation is only the beginning of the journey from converting a prospect into a satisfied, paying customer. With our expertise, whether you’re building an email list or selling an offer, our leads will convert. And because it’s performance-based, our stake in the success of the campaign is the same as yours.

Lead Generation | Web Design Services - F6 Digital Media & Marketing

Optimisation is the difference between achieving & excelling

There’s nothing more wasteful than change for the sake of change. All it does is make things just different enough to bill the client.

At F6, we don’t change things up and hope it clicks. We analyse and optimise. We start by asking questions and keeping our eyes and ears open. We want to know what you want from an optimised web property. Do you want to engage visitors for longer? Do you want them to take you up on the CTA?

We’ll look at the difference between ideal-world and real-world scenarios and evaluate the best, most effective ways to bridge the gap. That could mean working on the back-end code to load the site faster, changing the layout of a sales page or navigability of a site, or rewording the sales copy.

We’ll use state-of-the-art metrics, pore over data, strategise and restrategise until it clicks. And it won’t just be pointless change. It will work.

Web Optimisation | Lead Generation NZ - F6 Digital Media & Marketing

Amaze your audience with engaging website design

It’s beautiful when art and strategy collide. We know. We’ve been doing it for years.

At F6, we have the team to craft impeccable visual interfaces that do more than just look great. We help our clients deliver a seamless online experience to their customers and users by combining form with function and pretty with practical.

Every aspect of digital design is carefully crafted according to a theme or the visual identity of your brand. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface that looks as good as it functions, you’ll turn your website, web property or app into a robust marketing tool that works for you nonstop.

You only have so many seconds to impress a visitor. We’ll make sure you do it right.

User-Experience Design | Web Design Services - F6 Digital Media & Marketing
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